Homebrew I think I have bricked my VWii, please help & I have just completed a sys check if that helps


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Sep 8, 2019
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I think this has happnend either because I accidently deleted some wads of the 236 iso patch, these were 236, 249, 250 & 251 as I can’t find them anywhere but I’m new to wads but I’ve heard if there not deleted correctly then it can cause a brick?? The other reason I thought was because I may have downloaded a Wii iso inject instead of the vwii one ie the 236 one & last thing I can only think off is also when I uploaded a couple of wad managers to vwii apps it produced all these wads & I didn’t know what they were then hence what I mentioned at the top about accidentally deleting them & it’s defanitly those iso files that are missing from my system as even though there still showing on my system menu, I can’t access my 2 vwii channels ie HBC & WiiMC & I now also have a private folder which has placed itself on the root of my sd card. I think this is from one of the wad managers but I don’t know if that caused it either. Is it ok to just upload the full pix of the sys check on here also as I’m fairly new on here & new to the whole soft mod hacking thing still also but basically u can see by the edited pic it states I can install HBC but not Bootmii but basically if someone could check this who knows what there doing & I can go forward from there as what with this & another issue I’ve been having with vwii this whole process is just a huge nightmare for me now unfortunately. A big Huge Thanks upfront to anyone who can help me here as this whole process is just getting more & more complex for me & I’m totally out of my depth here tbh!


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