I recently purchased a DS Lite

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by geckotis, Nov 13, 2007.

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    Nov 13, 2007
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    So I shelled out cold cash for the black DS Lite, and also a copy of Zelda.

    I knew PSP could do the homebrew rom combo, but I everytime I dled a new game, I got bored, and it sat in the dust. So I just finally sold the system off, and used the cash for this DS.

    Now the question that comes to mind, is the updates that a system like the psp had every couple months or so.

    If I buy a R4DS ( for example, this one http://www.gameyeeeah.com/r4-ds-r4ds-kings...card-p-234.html ), will I have to update the software every couple months to make it compatible with newer games?

    Also, since I never have and never will get a ipod, does this R4DS allow me to play mp3s, and play it while playing a game, (NBA games on the PSP allowed me to play my custom mp3s while playing, just curious if the DS does/allow it).

    If this is a solid investment that will save me money in the end, Il go for it. Its just Im sort of hesistant and new to the entire DS softwares. I know alot of the psp darkalex updates and all, just Im not so familiar with the DS side of it. I just want to get everything out of the DS while I can since Im kinda of late on the DS wagon, and you know with the lifespan of handhelds being 10 years or so...

    Also, in that link (http://www.gameyeeeah.com/r4-ds-r4ds-kingston-micro-sd-tf-1gb-memory-card-p-234.html), I went with the site recommended by this forums, but is that the package that I should get? 1 gb seems like the best ideal size to get accordin to the guide, and Kingston seems to be the recommended company to buy a memory card from.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. thegame07

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    Oct 16, 2006
    1. every 6 months normally a game will appear that wont work on some flash cards so they need to make a firmware update in that case (look up the arm7 fix)

    2. the r4 doesn't play all roms at the moment(drag and drop,clean roms) while other flash cards do however you can use the arm fix to fix them.

    3. you will need to use a homebrew application to listen to music on your ds.
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    Aug 11, 2007
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    Apr 16, 2007
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    R4 is awesome! You don't have to update your firmware all the time, It's drag and drop. It will play mp3's but not mid-game. It will play video but you have to convert it. it is easily skinnable. I would get a 2gb micro sd since you are interested in listeng to music, They are relatively cheap only like $27 shipped from newegg.com. It could hold up to like 45 games if thats all you have on there. R4 is definately the way to go just got 2 friends thiers and picked 1 up for me as well. I have a supercard lite it's not bad but no R4. CycloDS is supposed to be UBER cool but out of stock everywhere and a little harder on the wallet.
  5. El-ahrairah

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    Jul 20, 2007
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    IMO, the R4DS is a great card, but it really shines as an introduction to flashcards in general.

    My reasoning being that when someone first becomes interested in flashcards, there may be some doubt as to weather or not these things work or if they are truly as easy as "drag and drop". The R4 runs just about every game, is cheap enough to be the proverbial toe in the water.

    On the other hand, the R4 is very straightforward. It does what it does and that's it. The menu is functional yet basic. There aren't any real settings to play around with. There aren't any hardware or software bells and whistles.

    I own two, btw. [​IMG]
  6. enigmaindex

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    Oct 11, 2007
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    If you buying from gameyeeeah be sure to check this out
    You gets a discount [​IMG]
  7. Kellicros

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    Mar 8, 2006
    R4 is good indeed, there's hardly a game it can't play, but if you are picky on MP3's, an R4 may not be the best option. Not sure about the others homebrews but moonshell has pretty back quality of MP3s playback.
  8. ackers

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    Jul 17, 2007
    yea thats a shame with ds. its not very good for playing back music because it has cheap sound hardware in it. what you hear in moonshell will be no different to the quality you hear in another music app.