1. CosmoCortney

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    Apr 18, 2013
    after a few days ago I found a nice plugin for the PCSX2 emulator, to be able to search for cheats and codes.
    But I always get error messages saying, that a .ini is missing.
    does someone know how exactly to install this plugin?

    here's the link to it:
  2. NeoH4x0r

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    Nov 13, 2013
    United States
    Have you installed PCSX2 v0.9.7.3878, are you able to view the memory from PCSX2 in the application?

    For the pad plugins:
    * Do you have LillyPad / PadSSSPSX installed?
    ** if you have one of these installed, have you configured the pad plugin in PCSX2 using keyboard keys?

    For the gs plugins:
    * Do you have GSdx / ZeroGS / ZZOgl installed?
    ** if you have one of these installed, have you configured the plugin in PCSX2?

    NOTE: All of these plugins should be available by default in PCSX2.

    Moreover, if it is reporting that a .ini file is missing then it means that it cannot find to pad/gs plugin's ini file

    PS: I am the author of 'PCSX2 Ram Dump'

    The latest stable version is: v1.0.4506.8216 v1.0.5065.9786

    The location of the ini file(s) for PCSX2 plugins would be like these:
    <PCSX2 INSTALL DIR>/inis/LilyPad.ini
    <PCSX2 INSTALL DIR>/inis/PadSSSPSX.cfg
    <PCSX2 INSTALL DIR>/inis/GSdx.ini
    <PCSX2 INSTALL DIR>/inis/zerogs.ini
    <PCSX2 INSTALL DIR>/inis/zzogl-pg.ini

    To Download a gziped tar archive of the latest stable version:

    Also, this tool is not a plugin for PCSX2 it is a 3rdparty program that uses Windows API to
    * read from/write to PCSX2's process memory
    * send keystrokes/macro's to PCSX2's GS window
    * etc, etc

    A PCSX2 plugin and this tool are two completely different things (and not to be confused with the other)
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