I need help installing save for NFIRM doangrade

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    I had an old CFW o3ds lying around, so i figured I'd use it to downgrade one of these Black Friday 3DSs I managed to get. I had a bunch of stuff installed on my source 3DS, as well as not being able to access the eShop to download Legends of Exidia, so I formatted my emunand and set up the NNID I wanted to be on the target system and downloaded the DSi game. Now, I'm stuck trying to access TWL_nand to install the save file. I'm using Cubic Ninja to access the HBL in Luma emunand.
    I don't feel like it would be worth it to install A9LH on my source system since it's junk and I just need it for the transfer.
    TL;DR: I'm stuck on 'Section II - Installing the save' on Plailect's guide to an NFIRM downgrade using Luma on EMUnand.