I need assistance formatting a document from notepad.

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    Since I made this chart back in 2011 to keep track of my hardware addresses and wi-fi passwords, I've been wanting to make it look a but more... appealing and organized, I guess? (Don't mind the pixelization, that's for the privacy of people's wi-fi keys)
    Any of you office-savvy folks recommend how to go about this? Should I HTML it? Word Doc? Excel spreadsheet? I'm open to ideas here, and thanks in advance!
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    Spreadsheet is a good bet. Find and replace all the - signs with nothing. From there you might be able to import it into excel or calc (openoffice/libreoffice equivalent) directly, if not then you might have to find and replace the things you have separating the fields with a single tab or something you can tell it to make a new cell for.

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