i have an old mac

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    And i havent been on gbatemp, or on anything wii hacking in a while, i was wondering tho if theres a way to run a wii game off a usb without the wfbs file system running on the usb? my macintosh cant read it and i do believe that the macintosh wfbs reader is for mac 10.5+. im at 10.3 and have no way of getting to 10.5 due to ram issues, and have no way of getting a computer.

    so: heres what i am looking for, a usb loader that doesnt use the wbfs file system or a manager that runs on mac 10.3 and not 10.5.
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    For a usb loader that doesn't use the wbfs file system, use the Configurable USB Loader

    It has an option to use a FAT partition.