I don't think we'll ever outspend Microsoft

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    This is their way of saying "We already know the PlayStation Move is going to be a massive failure so we'd bettter get our spin ready now."

    Sometime in the future people will ask: "Why did the PlayStation Move fail?" And Sony will respond with "Well, we just didn't spend as much as M$ to promote it." (Meanwhile it will fail because consumers treat rip offs with hostility and true PS3 fans bought the system because it wasn't the Wii or the Xbox 360. Sony doesn't even know their own consumer badse any more.)

    This company is nothing but marketing spin and failure.

    Also, Sony has already lost close to 6 billion on the PS3. Who knows how much they've lost on the PSP Go debacle. So they've already spent more than MS, who lost 4 billion on the OG Xbox.

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    There's your answer, interviewer xD