I cant launch Menuhax

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    So,I Downgarde my 3ds to 9.2.x with menuhax (I dont have Ironfall (Not work on 9.2)or CN or oot3d)I cant boot into Menuhax because the payload have a other firmware Boot.And Browser Exploit dont works.
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    Jan 7, 2016
    BrowserHax is done a bit different on 9.2, at least for me, in 10.x I just entered the page and HBL loaded. In 9.2 you have to zoom to the top left while focusing a tiny slider and when you're on max zoom then you click on a bit less than the full right of the slider once, try several times if 3DS says error and takes you to the home menu: also clean history, cache and browser data, restarting helps as well.
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    try going here: http://smealum.github.io/3ds/#otherapp

    pick your system version, download ropbin, name it browserhax_hblauncher_ropbin_payload.bin and place it at the root of the SD card. this has made 9.2 browserhax much more stable for me on Old3DS. note that you will have to remove this file if you decide to do browserhax on any other version.
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    So there is in my browser is no longer supported for that

    P.s I use the other sliderhax sry.
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    Just delete the old payload off of your SD card. Browserhax will download the new one necessary for your firmware.
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    The automatic BrowserHax page didn't work for me at first, or even at all (i don't remember anymore)

    If you load the correct boot.3dsx on the SD card and then go to the browserhax page from the 3DS you will see a tiny (yes, it is actually incredibly small) slider on the top left of the touch screen. Touch that thing and BrowserHax will boot. If it doesn't, restart the 3DS and go straight to the page with a bookmark

    After you boot, go to the MenuHax installer, uninstall whatever you already have within the app and install it again.
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