1. Duncan Idaho

    OP Duncan Idaho GBAtemp Fan

    Mar 5, 2011
    So after months of not playing anything on it I decided to play some zelda again and an issue popped, well a couple:

    Issue #1: Wii turns on fine, but select a game channel, it hangs, I need to shut it down as not even pressing HOME works, same applies to the HBC or a weather channel.

    Issue #2: Audio in OOT becomes distorted, looses intensity or even gets really really distorted, more specifically it always happens after I beat a boss and I get the medallion.

    Any clues? I like to boot stuff directly from the main screen for via USB loader GX, I don't have emunand, and Idk if I should get syscheck to make a scan to tell me about what CIOS I have or not.
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