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    so i got this HTC hd2 and it was running Windows Mobile 6.5 which was ok. I did a little bit of research and i found out i can run any OS i would like on it with ROMS. I tried some custom ROMS but decided to download Windows Phone 7 and all its glory. I intend to use this phone as basicly an ipod touch. I don't have a sim card so i can't use it as a phone aswell as i don't need an overpriced phone (criket ftw [​IMG])

    I was able to use the music player on the 6.5 rom and the custom roms but on WP7 i can't use zune. For some reason it says that the memory is reserved for other computers. I have a 1gb micro in there but it doesn't read it. I can easily just move on to ANDROID but i like WP7 so much =[

    Anyway is there any way i can fix this problem? its pissing me off [​IMG]
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    WP7 only works with a small amount of SD cards. I can personally recommend an 8GB Sandisk Micro SD. I got one and I dual boot WP7 & Android.