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Discussion in 'Computer Hardware, Devices and Accessories' started by SinHarvest24, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. SinHarvest24

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    I've been getting a problem lately with my hp mini. Whenever the battery life is like 30% or less, it just turns off. Not like hibernation, it doesn't even turn off properly. It turns off as though i'm pulling out the plug from a pc with no ups. When i turn it on without plugging in the charger (because there was more than enough battery life to turn on and browse for like 10mins) it 'cuts off' during boot-up. Unless i plug in the charger in, then it boots-up. What seems to be the problem? This happened quite a lot lately and it's been irritating me. Also sometimes it doesn't happen and goes into hibernation mode as normal.
  2. Tom

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    defective battery? , try cycling the battery if that doesn't work then get a new battery
  3. Originality

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    Sounds like the battery calibration is off. What it thinks is 30% is actually 5% or less. Or it could be a defective battery which experiences a severe voltage drop at 30%.

    Unfortunately I don't know how to reset battery calibration for net books.
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