How to use Wiimmfi with Wiiflow on Mario Kart Wii?


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Dec 8, 2021
United States
I have a backup of Mario Kart Wii that I have installed through Wiiflow via an SD card. Wiimmfi recently updated their services so that you can now play online just by entering the DNS settings that they've shared. I've entered those in and made sure it's correct. The first time I launched the game through Wiiflow, I get error message 20100: "Unable to connect to the Internet. Confirm the Internet settings of the Wii console." Then I figured I would wait 7 days because I've heard that there's a cooldown to prevent cheaters and such. After 7 days, I'm still getting the same error message. I have confirmed that I am connected to my internet, and I have verified several times that I entered the DNS server correctly.

Is there an extra step I need to take? I haven't seen this issue brought up anywhere else, so I'm just assuming I did something wrong. Thanks

EDIT: I did just realize that I seem to be using a very outdated version of Wiiflow: Version 4.2.1. Would that be what's causing the issue?

EDIT 2: The outdated version of Wiiflow was the issue. After updating to 5.5.0, everything works flawlessly.
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