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    Hello, I am a man who loves to make high quality sound effect mods for video games, and I want to do some one my two favorite DS games, "Space Invaders Extreme" and "Space Invaders Extreme 2." Could someone show me the ropes in how I could do this? I want to make this a reality, since SIE's sound quality is all over the place. I also want to fix some flaws with the music. I'd highly appreciate the help. Thanks in advance. If you help, and it works, I will give you an earlybird copy of "Space Invaders ReExtreme" and "Space Invaders ReExtreme 2". I've already ripped the audio and the music, so no need to tell me about that, I knew that for 2 years now.
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    The vast majority of DS games will use the SDAT sound format (I don't know offhand if those are any of the exceptions https://gbatemp.net/threads/the-various-audio-formats-of-the-ds.305167/ but I will assume not for now).

    SDAT is composed of three main aspects, though most will skip the long form streaming music option.

    SSEQ. This is the midi like format used to play sequenced audio. It is flanked by SBNK (bank/instrument lists).
    STRM. Wave audio of a sort, PCM or ADPCM raw tracks with a header for the most part.
    SWAV. Often compiled into SWAR archives containing thousands of things, this is where your sound effects typically find themselves. You can change up the settings if you want to go into it but to start with I would say match it, that said as you are likely wanting to go up in sample rate then you might end up going there sooner rather than later.

    Many of the same tools you used to rip things (VGMtoolbox, tinke, vgmtrans...) will spit out files or be able to insert and extract things. There are various tools to convert between audio like you might get out of audacity and DS formats (wav2swav, swav2swar and such), and unlike SSEQ the wave stuff is less troubled by loops, timing fun and instrument mismatches, though looping is a possibility for some things here and I have not looked at enough games to know how many use it -- technically the SDAT format also supports various volume commands but I would feel confident in challenging you to find me more than 5 games that make proper use or it and don't just go max or half.

    I have seen some annoying sounds and stings embedded within SSEQ audio before (in my documents I cover removing such a thing from a Tetris track), and some games might call a victory tune or jump to a section upon an in game action that would function as a type of sound effect too.
    Likewise said effects in SWAR archives can literally be in the thousands (I think we usually point at portrait of ruin here, does also have some nice things like the e3 voiceover in there) and won't tend to have nice names. You can go through all of them if you want (set up a playlist and let it run, if each is only a second or two then does not take so long to find things), and there are more complicated ways of tracing what one you want too (if the effect is a result of an action then follow everything from the button press on up, or screen location on up. For the GBA but tracing is much the same in the broad strokes on any system https://www.romhacking.net/documents/361/ with the DS being a bit more annoying as it is likely to be a read to a cart rather than a simple address grab).
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