Hacking How to play NTSC GC game with PAL Action Replay codes on NeoGamma?


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Jun 23, 2012
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For TimeSplitters 2, there's a few action replay codes that the PAL version has that the NTSC version doesn't.

On this website: http://www.cheathapp...itters_2_cheats there's a "Never lose stealth points", "Stop suit power countdown", and "Easy points in certain challenges" cheat under the "EU" codes, but those 3 aren't in the "US" section. I've looked on many websites and none of them have a US code for those 3. I tried getting a GCT from http://geckocodes.org/ with the US codes I want, and then added those 3 pal codes with GCTEdit but it made the game freeze on startup. To test where geckocodes got their codes, I converted a US Action Replay code from action replay to Ocarina using GCNcrypt and ARtoWiiRD to see if I would get the same code as gecko, and I did. So the codes in geckocodes.org are converted action replay codes. Since the PAL codes don't work on my TimeSplitters 2, I converted them to NTSC by taking the action replay code and putting it in GCNcrypt and decrypting it, taking the decrypted code and encrypting it in USA, then decrypting the USA code and converting that into WiiRD and that made it freeze on startup again. I then tried the same code but without converting to WiiRD and it froze on startup again. So I've narrowed it down to the point where converting it to NTSC doesn't work, meaning I need to use the PAL codes on my US game. Is this possible? Are there options that will allow the use of PAL Ocarina codes on an NTSC game?

If it matters, my Wii is 4.1U and I'm using NeoGamma R9 b56, cIOS56rev21 (249) to launch Gamecube games. I'm using WiiGator's cMIOS.

Here's what options I'm using:

Load Games from:


General Options

IOS for games: Autodetect
Storage device: SD using IOS36
Show Rebooter: No
Save Config: Yes

Wii Options

Boot Lang: Console Default
Video Mode: Disc(default)
Patch Video: No
VIDTV Patch: No
Patch Country Str.: No
Altern. .dol: No
Search patches: Yes
Block IOS Reload: Yes

GC options

Gamecube Mode: internal
Video Mode: Disc(default)
Patch Video: No
Reloader: Auto
Backup plugin: Auto
Audio fix: Auto
Patch MIOS: Auto


Wii Hook Type: None
Wii 2nd Hook: = 1st hook
Wii Ocarina: No
Wii Debugger: No
GC Hook Type: VI
GC 2nd Hook: = 1st hook
GC Ocarina: Yes
GC Debugger: Yes

Rebooter Options

Recovery Mode: No
Region Free: No
Remove Copy Flags: No
Button Skip: No
Skip Updates: Yes
Force cIOS: No
Preloader Support: Yes

If you need more information about my Wii or settings or anything like that, feel free to ask. Thanks

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