How to install CFW from your HDD

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    Installing Custom firmware from your HDD is easier than you might think.

    1.Go to a file manager of your choice

    2.Go to dev_hdd and create a new folder called updater

    3.Create a new folder called 01 (This is where will we store the CFW at) also later on if you want to put more CFW on your HDD all you need to do is create a folder called 02 and then 03 etc etc

    4. Download whatever CFW you wish to install on your HDD e.g. Rogero or Rebug

    5. Put the CFW on the root of your USB Drive and go back to your File manager

    6.Copy the CFW from your USB Drive to Dev_hdd/updater/01

    7.Now go Install Rebug Toolbox if you already have it then just skip this step

    8.In Rebug Toolbox select enable on Toggle qa

    9.Once you have toogle qa enable go over to Settings on the PS3 XMB and scroll down to Network Settings and all at once hit L1 L2 L3 (press left stick) R1 R2 dpad_down

    10.If you did that successfully you should see something called Debug settings come up

    11.Select Debug Settings and scroll down to System Update Debug and enable it

    12. Now go to System Update and select Update from System Storage and you'll see the CFW that you copied to your HDD.

    13. Enjoy installing CFW from your HDD

    I Hope that you guys find this tutorial useful also as i said before if you want to have multiple cfw's on the hdd all you need to do is under the updater folder you made just create 02 03 04 etc etc.

    Also when your copying your CFW to your hdd *YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RENAME IT TO PS3UPDAT.PUP*
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    Ps3 4.11 can have baking
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    This is old news and of NO use above 3.55 for initial CFW installation..... <FACEDESK>
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    No 4.11 can't have baking. The cake is a lie sorry.