How to hack a shiny Spiky ear Pichu

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    How to hack a shiny Spiky ear Pichu (SEP)

    This guide will show how to get it both on a retail card and a flash card.

    To see it you can watch mine here

    You will need:

    Pokesav (for HGSS) get the translated one here -
    Hex Workshop -
    You may need a SEP pkm (needed for retail card) -
    PID IV Calculator -

    Step One:

    Obtaining a Spiky ear Pichu will from now on will be referred to as SEP. For everyone on a flash card you can get a Gamestop or Shokotan Pichu and do the event on your own. For retail card users you must download the pkm I uploaded. If you got the SEP from doing the event skip step two, if you used my pkm, you must do step two.

    Step Two (for those who downloaded the pkm):

    SEP cannot be traded thus the TID, SID and OT name must match the ones of the user on the save. For those with a flash card this can be found by using Pokesav and the OT is obvious. For a retail card the TID is Trainer ID found on the trainer card. As for the SID you have two options. The first is trade a pokemon to a flash cart and open the save in pokesav and editing the pokemon from the retail card. The SID will be there. Note: Make sure you trade a pokemon that you caught on that retail card. Or you can use this AR code

    94000130 FFF30000
    62111880 00000000
    B2111880 00000000
    DA000000 00000086
    D7000000 00000088
    D2000000 00000000

    Press Start+Select and the amount of money you have is your SID.
    I assume you will all be able to use that code considering you need an AR to make this work on a retail card.

    Step Three:

    Load your save or load the pkm into the first pokemon slot. Click edit on the SEP (yes I said edit).
    If you download the pkm edit the TID, SID, and OT name. Now where the PID goes click generate.
    Choose whatever nature you would like. As for class make sure you leave it as Class 1 and female.
    Then click the shiny box and press generate and press ok.
    Now the PID has to match the IVs because it is not an egg. Run the PID IV Calculator. Type in 5 and press Enter. Now type in the PID of your SEP and press Enter. Pick the IVs of a Normal D/P if you get no results or none you can use or like just generate a new PID. Now that you pick your IVs put them into Pokesav in the same order. Now Press stats edit and press all max. Press OK and Press Ok. Now save the SEP as a pkm.

    Step Four:

    Run Hex Workshop. Load the SEP pkm that you edited. Press edit>GoTo. Select Hex and Beginning of File and put the offset to 00000040. Click Go. The value at this offset will be 02 change it to 0A. Save the pkm. Go back to Pokesav. Where you have the SEP press load and load the hex-edited pkm. If you’er on a flash card, save your save file. If you are on a retail card, Export ARDS code.

    And Ta-Da! You’re done!

    I do not take credit for Pokesav, PID IV Calculator, or the AR code used. I take credit for this method and compiling this guide. You may pass on this guide and post it on other forums if you wish but you must credit me. Thank you and enjoy finally being able to pokesav that SEP.
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    Wow thanks for the guide. I've had trouble trying to get spiky ear pichu ever since mines became a regular pichu when i was messin around with its stats with pokesav. Now i won't have to beg friends for one or start a new game to re get one. Thanks again
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    First of all before I begin, thank you very much for this post, it worked!

    Now, I had gotten a spikey eared pichu through the event. I then used pokesav to level it to 100, in doing so, it was made into a regular shiny pichu. So I followed your instructions, downloaded the sep.pkm file since I have an r4/flash card. Although I have a few questions, because while this DID work and did help me get a Spiky Eared Pichu, I had put it in my pokemon box and it reverted back to a regular shiny pichu.

    First, when I generated the IV combo using SCV's pid calc. I had input it in the following order, HP/ATK/DEF/SP.DEF/SP.ATK/SPD is this correct?

    Second, I also did the same method for the sep.pkm file I downloaded from you to MY original SEP that I reverted to a Shiny Pichu because of me hacking it. Result was that the method worked for the sep.pkm you provided and not my lv 100 Pichu(my once original sep). Is there a way to make it work for my old hacked sep?

    Lastly, I believe after I had put my new SEP from your hacking method, into my PC box, it reverted back to a shiny pichu, is this normal? Did I mess up? If it's normal then I shouldn't ever put it in my pc box??

    Please help and thank you very much for this informative post. Only person I found involved in this on the internet. I miss my Spikey eared Pichu, I would have never hacked it if I had known it would be gone forever. =[
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    To my understanding I believe that it turns into a normal Pichu because of an illegal or incorrect stat or iv? Although my first legit SEP reverted because of his stats I hacked after I received him. The second hacked SEP reverted after I put it in my PC, I'm thinking it did this because I made it a SHINY Spikey Eared Pichu, by following your instructions. But now that I look at my old SEP(well ONCE an SEP) it's not a shiny. Maybe since I checked it shiny it rerverts in the PC box???

    Sorry for the double post. As soon as I get home I'll try it out again without marking it shiny, hopefully this would work, otherwise you have any suggestions?
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    I know an easier way!

    pokesav way:

    1. Download pokemon hg/ss and Pokesav.
    2. play the game so you have a save.
    3. open the save with pokesav.
    4. search for the pikachu collared pichu file(google) it ned to be a ''.pkm'' file!
    5. insert the pichu in the game with pokesav(in your team)
    6. play till Elix Forest.
    6. your done! enjoy the event, Trade the downloaded pichu to a retail game, then the event will be activated on that game too!

    Cheater way:
    1. download hg/ss
    2. download latest database from temp database
    3. search in the cheat file for the event cheat and enable it.
    4. done! Now go to Elix forest and done
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    Pokesav way, yeah that's how I got my first SEP, then I ruined it by using pokesav to buff it up. So I used the OP's method, it worked, until you stick SEP into a PC box and it reverted back to regular Pichu. =/ I'm dying to go home and see if I can fix this SEP...

    I'm concerned about how I put my IV's in, I don't know in what order to put the IV's in when I get them from SCV's PID/IV Calculator. For example, it would give me like 17/6/15/20/11/25, I would put it as HP/ATK/DEF/SP.DEF/SP.ATK/SPD. Its probably that my PID and IV's don't match correctly.

    Very important P.S. OH! I used my SID that all my legit pokemon have in their pokesav files, so I assume that's my SID and the correct one to use for SEP without having to

    "As for the SID you have two options. The first is trade a pokemon to a flash cart and open the save in pokesav and editing the pokemon from the retail card. The SID will be there."

    Because I don't have AR to use the second option. (That is I don't know how to access AR? All I have is my R4, card reader, and pokesav.) The SID I used, you think it is ok?


    So I came home and started from scratch with the sep.pkm you provided. I didn't click shiny, and I arranged the iv's in the following order, /HP/ATK/DEF/SP.ATK/SP.DEF/SPD, clicked "Input own Trainer ID" for TID and SID and "Input own OT". Hexed it and my SEP is working perfectly. I ran some tests like zoning to other towns with my pichu in my party and in the pc box, saved and turned the game on and off, and the SEP hasn't reverted.

    Although it should be noted that after all this, when I opened pokesav with my SEP in my team, I only clicked "EDIT" and nothing more, didn't input anything, closed that. Then when I ran my game my SEP that was in my PC box reverted to a Pichu. So I went back to pokesav, and reloaded my hexed SEP back, and ran my game, SEP works great again, all in her spiky glory.
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    PokeGen > Pokésav

    PokeGen lets you create Spiky-Ear Pichu and make it shiny with legal PID/IV.
    Except we don't know if shiny Spiky-Ear Pichu is legal or not.