How to get emunad without gateway?

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by sweis12, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. sweis12

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    Oct 20, 2013
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    Is there any way I can emunand without a gateway? I have a 4.5.0 3DS and I was wondering is it possible to emunand without a GatewaY?

    I wanna play Japanese games on my US console.
  2. Technicmaster0

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    Oct 22, 2011
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    Yes but you need a DS mode flashcard.
  3. sweis12

    sweis12 GBAtemp Maniac

    Oct 20, 2013
    Saint Kitts and Nevis
    How would I do that? I have a DSTwo.
  4. gamesquest1

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    Sep 23, 2013
    download the gateway software from their site,

    open it up and go into the "blue card" folder and copy the "gatewayinstaller.nds file onto your DStwo,

    go back out and go into the "gateway omega" folder, copy the "launcher.dat" file from here onto the big SD card that goes in the side of the 3DS
    put both cards in the 3DS, run the DStwo and launch the "gatewayinstaller.nds" like any other ds rom, select your region and let it install, one it finishes it will automatically close DS mode, press the home button to be returned to the homescreen

    now go to system setting -> other settings -> Profile -> DS profile, you will be taken to the gateway menu, just select classic mode and you will be able to run 4.x+ games from the home screen

    (at this point there is no point setting up emunand as updating to 8.1 requires the gateway card to be inserted to enter classic mode or it will just hang on a black just stick to using classic mode on sysnand)
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