How To Fix PSX-fPKG not creating a PKG-file! (Last Update: 4th January, 2022)


Apr 2, 2019
NOTE: This article is just for educational purposes and does NOT support piracy. I'm not responsible for ANY damages or scenarios or whatever that can happen to you for e.g. downloading games illegally.

Hello friendos!

After what felt like months I finally managed to figure out why a lot of people can't use PSX-fPKG by Jabu.
People often had the problem that after setting up the program and inserting all the information needed (.bin file, NP Title, name of the game, icon and background), a black window which looks like a command prompt opened up for roughly a second and crashed. Then a new window popped up saying "Finished" although no fPKG file was created.

NOTE: There's no "real" fix for that but I finally managed to get an fPKG file that I can install and run on my PS4. In the following I will describe you what I did and what you can do to get the
desired result.

What do I need?
- a .bin file of a PSX game by ripping it
- a Windows 7 optical drive / iso file so you can install Windows 7
- VirtualBox, Hyper-V or some different software to boot different OS installed and configurated on your PC

- a second PC / Laptop you don't need that often OR a second partition with enough space (30GB is definitely enough) from which you can boot Windows 7
- a bootable USB drive / bootable CD/DVD with at least 4GB space


EITHER you set up a virtual machine, install Windows 7 and transfer over all the data (PSX-fPKG and the .bin file) OR you install it on a second partition.
Maybe you get an error message that msvcp120.dll, msvcr120.dll and vcomp120.dll are missing. Simply download them, paste them into your System32 folder (and on your SysWOW64 folder if you are on a 64x OS) and into the folder where the "PSX-FPKG.exe" is located as well as in the "ext" folder inside the "PSX-FPKG" folder and press WINDOWS KEY and search for cmd. Then hold CTRL AND SHIFT and while holding, PRESS ENTER. Then the command prompt should open. Next you just type in "regsvr32 [NAME OF THE DLL FILE]". Do that for all dll files you just downloaded and then you can start PSX-fPKG.

The only thing that is NOT working (for me) is selecting a background or an icon. But at least you can play your PS1 games on your PS4.

I'm sorry for my bad English, I'm from a country where English is not the main spoken language. If you would improve some text passages, feel free to tell me your version.
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