How to find a game's actual script in text-form?

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    In this case, it's a game called Moero Chronicle. I'd like to edit the text (script?) to fix some spelling errors and other things, but after opening most of the game files with HxD, I can't find any text. Words, Names, Terms, nothing. Just a bunch of random symbols/letters jumbled together. (Yes, I'm kind of new to this.) Is it possible the script is compressed within another file? I see .pac and .cpk files. How can I check within them? Thanks!
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    PC games can be slightly different and have some other oddities but pick up any document covering text hacking in consoles and you will have your start

    The first main difference will be that if the game stores it in exe or dll files (technically both under the umbrella of PE files) you have a few options for unpacking and analysing them that might not exist for other things.

    Likewise I see this game is on the vita as well. Modern consoles can be developed fairly similarly to PCs, especially for light games like this. If someone has poked that then maybe see what they did for some clues.