WIP How to convert BOTW mods from Wii U to Nintendo Switch

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    CraftyBoss on Gamebanana has shared his method of converting BOTW mods over to the Nintendo Switch. Throughout the day, I will be working alongside his guide to bring both screenshots and also reword his tutorial so that it's a bit easier to follow for the average user.

    For now however if you want to work on converting the mods you may do so by following his original guide here: https://gamebanana.com/tuts/12737

    Dumping your own COPY of BOTW may not be required. Reading through the guide you're only dumping your game in order to get a file to use as a template. Just reading through it sounds like you may be able to use already converted switch files as this template, provided that they are for the same character/model

    i.e. if converting Link skins from Wii U you may be able to use a Linkle switch skin as the base instead of dumping your own Link. This has not been tested yet however.

    Updated guide - WIP

    Of course all credit to figuring this out goes to CraftyBoss, all I'm doing is improving upon his original guide
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