1. wiired24

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    Sep 3, 2013
    United States
    This is actually quite easy to do you only need about 5 mins of time and 1 file.

    1. Google " The Custom PS3 Boot Logo/Sound Thread" you should find a thread over at PSX-Scene which has many different Boot Animations

    2. Find one that you like and then download it you should get a Coldboot.raf, coldboot_multi.ac3, and coldboot_stereo.ac3

    3. Copy those files on to the root of your USB Thumb drive insert your USB Drive in the right slot on your PS3

    4. Open up multiman go over to settings and enable Write access to Dev_Flash

    5. Open up mmos and now copy the Coldboot. raf file from your USB Drive to Dev_Blind/VSH/Resource and replace your old coldboot.raf file, Now do the same for the other two files.

    6 Your good to go now just restart your PS3 and enjoy :)
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