How for the life of me use Sm4shExplorer!?

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    i have been studying for the last 3 days on how to use Sm4shExplorer without avail i read documents and watched youtube vids and i setup the files right but still.. i have been running into many errors. the first time is that whenever i used Sm4shExplorer i installed the mod and launched SDcafiine and the smash bros game froze. second time after cleaning up and configing i installed the mod and booted up again and nothing loaded, not even the normal files or DLC. then after swapping some more files and more config now i get this. whenever i try to use a modded character or stage i get this on my gamepad
    Error code: 150-3034
    "An error has occured. If there's an SD Card inserted into your Wii U console, please remove it, then turn off the console and try again."
    looking up that code dosent say much other then other people with issues with smash bros modding. I have a small thought that the DLC unlocker mod and Sm4shExplorer could be clashing, im investigating now.