How do you update to the latest gateway version...

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    How do you update to the latest gateway version if you use the ds menu exploit? my launcher.dat is on the internal sd card. not on my red card. and i replaced it with the new one. and it acted kinda funny at first but now it seems back to working like normal. But i never saw it say updating at all. It never went to the gateway screen to update.

    Edit. Just incase some are wondering. the ds menu exploit makes you downgrade to 4.2sysnand. I'm trying to get to 10.3emunand

    Also as an interesting side note. With the new launcher.dat it was able to boot emunand without the sd card in my red card. normally it pops up and error and brings you to the gateway menu. its not happening anymore. I dont even have the sd card inside the red card and its still booting to emunand.
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    You'll want 10.5 emuNAND now. Anyway, not every launcher update contains a new FPGA update, I can't remember needing a FPGA update in a very long time, so it's not uncommon that it didn't ask to update the FPGA.
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    Put the newest (3.7.1 I think at time of writing) launcher.dat on your internal SD card. You can then go to system setting a and update your emuNAND.

    This is correct, it won't update the card unless there's been a major change like with Omega->Ultra.

    Incorrect. It doesn't make you downgrade, it allows you to boot Gateway mode on 4.X.

    The Gateway menu just detects the presence of the red card, the SD card can be empty or missing.
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