How do i make a homebrew application

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    Feb 19, 2010
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    I am wanting to make my first basic homebrew application however i dont know how to start. What do i need to learn before i can start making an app.

    Is there a tutorial or anything i can read that will tell me the steps??

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well, first off...start in the right section [​IMG]
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    Dec 17, 2009
    Anyway it needs many things to learn. Read old log.
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    Hmm. I would've thought this WAS the right section [​IMG]

    He's asking about Homebrew & this IS a Homebrew Forum [​IMG]

    So what's the problem ?? (unless he was asking about Wii Homebrew - in which case this isn't the right place)
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    My guess is Toni Plutonij moved it to NDS - Homebrew Games & Applications.
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    True. It was in NDS - Games first.

    Ontopic: Learn a programming language (preferably C, or any variation of it, like C#, C++, etc).

    Also, read the replies in the other topic you posted.
  7. WioWao

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    C# wont help you much since is is only compatible with windows, as far as i know? And no, dont learn C.
    Learn C++ since it's more objectoriented which is great for games [​IMG]
    C++ however is fully compatible with C.

    First result on google when searching for C++
    Which also happens to be the best tutorial i have found so far.

    Happy learning C++ [​IMG]

    Oh and for a compiler easy to set up get
    It's also free.
    You can also go straight tothe DS instead of making C++ programs on the computer first:
    Not recommended though.

    If all this sounds really gay and annoying to you go get the nooby DS Game Maker [​IMG]

    The pro version costs money though, which is kinda lame when devkitpro (for c++ on ds) is capable of everything where the Gamemaker is capable of much much less.