How could you miss something so simple ubisoft?

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    May 29, 2008
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    Well I got Far Cry 2, and yep it is pretty fun. Some stuff makes me question how much testing they did like...

    If you change the "use" key to anything besides "e" that button will not detach you from gun emplacements, you still have to push "e".
    If the AI is looking for you they can be looking right at you from a few feet away and still not see you WTF?
    Why the HELL do I need a second code that I don't even know where to get to play online?
    WHY THE HELL PUNK PUSTER THAT IS THE BIGGEST PILE OF CRAP EVER! Say hello to servers filled with hacks(that is if PB even lets you on even though your not cheating).

    Hardly a complaint but...
    I have noticed a few stretching textures.
    Also floating plants.
    They put diamonds for you to find, but 1/3 of the ones I have noticed are on top of un-climbable hills WTF?

    Anyway besides those few flaws right there the game runs rock solid and looks amazing on med settings! Here are my specs.

    AMD 2.6GHz Dual Core
    2GB PC5400 4-4-4-12
    ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe
    EVGA 8800GTS 320MB

    I only ever had a tiny bit of lag when I was running around in a rocky area. Dunno why?

    So yeah, final tally is...

    -Only load screen is when you are loading a saved game!
    -Looks amazing even on medium settings!
    -I like to drive the cars
    -You hold the map in your hand, so it is not in a menu that disrupts game play!
    -Lots of cars to drive.

    -Use buttons needs to be patched.
    -You are infected with some disease for the whole game and all you can do is take pills and it randomly pops up so you have to take more pills what is the point!?
    -Far from the "ultra-realistic" game that was promised.
    -Health regeneration.
    -Guns get old and break, WTF!? How is this fun? How does a gun get so old that it breaks after 1 day of light use?
    -You cant listen to the radio when your in a car, but there are radios playing music randomly placed in the game?
    -Baddies respawn in less then 1 game-word day?

    So anyway, I give this game the official WORTH THE MONEY stamp of approval©.
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    Ok, At the start of the game you are infected by the disease Malaria. If you check your journal you will see you have a sickness level. The higher the level the more serious the disease is. Over the course of the game you are given malaria pills given by the locals around the underground hideouts. This helps combat the disease and in effect reduces your Malaria level until you become resistant enough not to need them at all later.

    Reliability, your weapons can be upgraded with the reliability trait by going to the weapon shop. Also, your weapons are new everytime you go to the ammo depot of the weapon shop. Note: You must purchase the weapon before it can be freely available as a new weapon within the ammo depot.

    I think the worse thing about the game is the respawning of the enemies.

    Also, I am unable to play the game as the main mission for the APR has broken for me, meaning I can't continue the story. I did manage to do 10 main missions altogether... but I will have to try and find a save game earlier or possibly wait for a patch to fix this.

    A good game let down by rushing to get the product out 'quick buck tactic' as always.

    My Specs for reference:

    Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 4200+
    X1900XT 512mb ATI Graphics
    2GB Ram
    Windows XP SP2
    ASUS 8N SLI Deluxe