How big is 32"?

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    Well currently i have a 23.5 W+17.5 H Sharp LCDTV. But how big is a 32"?
    And review on:
    Digital Lifestyle 32" HD LCDTV-

    Samsung 32" Jasmine HD LCDTV-

    And can anyone recommend a TV stand?
    H: About 20"~25" Anywhere between. And if its 1" off, still show.
    W: 30" max. No where over. Less can do but not too small.

    And, will a 32" fit if there is 30" of space?(W)

    I do not care about the weight. Nor the Weight limit. Since im going with a Flat Panel and isnt that heavy IMO.
    And it would be better/good if there was a shelf on the TV Stand. I dont really care about the color but if there are choices,
    Black or Beige will do.

    Price Range for TV Stand- $100~$200 Tops. Im not spending over $250+ for a TV Stand.

    If you have a better thought of a Flat Panel TV, then please post the:
    H,W. If possible, the W of the TV. No more then 30".

    So yea, will a 32" HD LCDTV fit into a space 30"?

    Thanks in advice~
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    When you buy a TV, I notice it shrink

    I got a 46" Sony LCD, then it was big for a few weeks but then it "shrinks..." now it looks as big as my old set...
  3. JPH

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    Televisions don't shrink [​IMG]

    My granny has a 60" Samsung TV, it doesn't shrink!

    Go with the Samsung, good quality I say [​IMG]
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    To see if the TV's will fit into your unit check the dimensions on the specs sites.

    As for recommendations I recommend the Panasonic 32" LCD. Whatever the current model is in the US.

    When I went looking at the TV's in the stores the Panasonic crapped all over the other brands including the Samsung. The Samsung had massive image delay (read blurring) issues.
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    You could try doing the maths.

    16:9 aspect ratio, 32" diagonal. + ~1-2" on all sides for bezel.
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    It all depends on your place. If you put a 32" in a small apartment, then it will feel big. However, if you put it in a medium to large sized house, it will be a little small. My uncle has a 60" TV in his house, it's not that big after a while...
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