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Feb 9, 2019
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I don't mean to get into a whole analysis of the Kyle Hyde series here, but I just wanted to say... The DS had so many brilliant VN-style games on it, such as 999, Ace Attorney, Time Hollow, Ghost Trick, etc. But to me, the game that stood out, and to this day I still think is pretty much the best point and click game ever made, both in terms of music, story, fun and style, was the Kyle Hyde series.
CiNG went bankrupt right at the release of Lats Window and Another Code: R, but I think they were the greatest story-based game makers out there. Taisuki Kanasaki somewhat brought similar ideas back with the game CHASE - Cold Case Investigations, but Nintendo ended up being the company that took the rights to the Kyle Hyde series, instead of the people in CiNG who actually created the damn series.
CiNG games like Another Code and Again came close, but still I felt that the 2 Kyle Hyde games were just outstandingly brilliant, and some of the few games that I've repeatedly replayed.

A lot of the time, Point and Click games that are popular today don't have as much of an amusing or unique style to them. Nowadays people would rather play shit like Danganronpa which bored my ass off (even though that game stole a lot of ideas from Hotel Dusk in terms of the gameplay).

Does anyone else agree that this was one of the greatest games ever made?

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