Homepass with USB wireless adapter?

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by LAA, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. LAA

    LAA GBAtemp Fan

    Aug 3, 2008

    I've been trying to get homepass working with two laptops, and my Note 3 since last year. Gave up since then when I came to the conclusion the wireless cards in my laptops just didn't want their mac addresses being changed and for Note 3, just couldnt get it to work.

    I've now discovered (and didn't think of), that it may be possible to use a USB wireless adapter instead. However, I believe the virtual wifi miniports need to be using the USB adapter, however they're using the inbuilt wireless card instead and not sure how I can change it or to create another one using the USB instead.


    If not that, if anyone has managed to get their Note 3 to work for homepass, would love to hear how.

  2. sebcle38

    sebcle38 Member

    Nov 22, 2005
    You are on windows 7? It was difficult for me too, but after 2 days of tests, i have done it succefuly with some tips find here:

    glaciergaming.co.uk/articles/640/homepass-for-3ds-version-94-on-windows (The first part of tuto is for checking card compatibility, if you have some 1, and not only 0 in first line your card is ok)

    And after homepass with theses 2 commands (nzone.exe is in the tuto or on gbatemp):
    nzone.exe start BASE256
    nzone.exe BASE256 start (to force the script to start and change my mac adress)

    netsh wlan show hostednetwork (To see if my hotspot have a good mac adress)

    It work but i have to stop (nzone.exe stop) and redo all of this after each homepass!
    Nintendo Zone work well, i have renamed my wireless card to "Wi-Fi" (don't know if its important) and tried internet sharing through ethernet and wireless (it work, but sometime not)
    The 3ds connect to it without any config (I have removed all my 3 ones before) and no need wpa or other key!

    If you have some problems you can remove hostednetworksettings folder in regedit and reboot windows!

    Some peoples have do the tuto with disabled/not connected ethernet card but on my laptop if i do it my miniport don't work

    Ps: Sorry for my english
  3. LAA

    LAA GBAtemp Fan

    Aug 3, 2008
    No worry man, not bad anyway, just happy for a response.
    Think I've give up now though sadly. The USB wireless adapters I had didn't want to connect to my router, which was already a bad sign, and I couldn't set up virtual WiFi mini ports for the USB and not my wireless card.

    Instead I've got a DD WRT router from eBay. Hopefully that should work fine instead and less hassle hopefully
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