Homebrew Method to increase Friend Limit?

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    Hello, this is Sm4shModder here again. As you all know, this year has brought about many excellent hacks, and homebrewing as a whole has never been better, to commemorate the new year and all that it has brought us, I now present something which I think has been a long time coming. Before I begin I would like to thank everyone who has contributed--particularly to the homebrew scene and the expansion thereof, nothing here would be possible without the hard work of all our talented hackers and programmers. I'd also like to thank our wonderful community for playing and testing these hacks and keeping our community alive, these are things which are often overlooked and should receive more appreciation then they're getting, with that said, I now present to you: A question!

    Is there any homebrew/exploit that allows for unlimited friends? It sucks having to delete some pals every few days to bring in some fresh faces. Every friend is valuable to me and having a 100 friend limit is just cruel. Thank you.

    - Sm4shModder.
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    That title is so click bait and you know it.
    You should have left off the "[homebrew]" and had a question mark instead of an exclamation point.
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