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    Mar 26, 2013
    Hi, I currently have a wii which I've bought from a long time ago.
    I haven't played with it for over a year already but I've been meaning to dl new games on it. I just don't know where to start, or what I can install onto it without bricking it. You see, I already have a few channels installed onto it from a couple years back from the help of someones. Channels such as:

    -the NeoGamma Channel (R8 Beta 15)
    -and HomeBrew with Configurable USB loader inside the channel

    I also have a wii hard drive(I think that's what you call it?) with 50 or so more games in it, I've tried connecting the hard drive into my computer but didn't have an idea on how to install a game onto it.
    My wii version is 4.0U (it's old I know) and I was told not to upgrade through Nintendo, which I didn't.

    I'm just wondering what programs are needed to install new games onto my hard drive.
    And how I can upgrade the wii itself.

    Please give me simple pointers to where I can start. I appreciate any tips and help. Thanks!
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    update: modmii
    drive: wii backup manager