Henkaku missing vitashell and molecular.

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    Sep 30, 2010
    My vita 2000 is already hack but my old sd2vita broke so after changing to new one but all data on the card not show up. So I mess around and now sd2vita not recognize by my vita anymore and vitashell and molecular are gone as well. The henkaku is still there since I can see the logo when startup and in the setting. I try to reinstall it but it said I have no memory card and running MLTHaKu doesn't change anything. The card slot some time shine a bit and turn off so that mean it not recognize by vita yet. Any solution? I don't have normal memory card.

    Edit:Also it seem like MLTHaKu isn't working as it only download and unpack a bunch of thing but when install the first file it just boot outside and nothing happen.
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