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  1. sasuke21153

    sasuke21153 THANKS

    Feb 15, 2013
    okey guys i am very stress my birthday is near and my uncle said he is willing to spent up to 30 k for my birthday gift i am not joking i can't decide at all i don't know what to do that's why i came here i know youguys can help me i will highly appreciate please! please! please! this is the hardest decision i ever had in my life okey first my plan was to buy a wii, ps2 and a psp 3000 but yesterday i saw a lot of awesome graphics pc games and i don't know what to do i really want to buy a gaming pc worth 26 k but we already have 3 laptops and they are all for working not for gaming plus my cousin will buy a ps3 this april 30 and almost all pc games are on the ps3 i know the pc has higher graphics and frame rates but i am looking for knew experienced like the exclusive games of wii and ps2 can deliver but at the same time i want to play better quality games than ps3 or xbox 360 i really don't know what to do i also want to ask if intel i7 3770 ivy bridge is good for gaming can it run crysis 3 in full graphics pleaase i will appreciate any help and answers what should i buy a gaming pc exchange for a psp 3000 wii and a ps2

    i own a ps vita and a psp 1000
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