Help with TWEWY's .nds contents

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by Kayya, Feb 12, 2016.

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    For a while, I've been trying to open up TWEWY's .bin files because they likely contain all the graphics. However, nothing works; not Tinke, MKDS Course Editor, or even Every File Explorer. Extracting the bin and giving it a matching .cue file as I read in a tutorial gives me an error with PowerISO, so that isn't working. While TWEWY has other files- such as .pck and .fds files- the names of the .bin files lead me to believe they contain all graphics. Does anyone know of how I can take a look at these files?
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    Some people have looked at The World Ends with You (by the way say the full name of the game as not all of us know every game abbreviation), however other than the audio I can not remember much offhand about the game.

    .bin is a generic extension used for any number of file formats. You then get to treat them all as something new until proven otherwise. Though it will probably never be a .bin and .cue file for the DS.

    If I had it to look at I might be able to say something about the files it contains. I had a quick look at some footage and I imagine a lot of it would be 2d graphics but I would not be surprised to see some was 3d. For the 2d stuff you will then want to look into a tile editor. Tinke is a good one but you will also want crystaltile2.
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