Help with RxTools mset

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    May 21, 2015
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    Ok, so I have an issue. I accidentally uninstalled mset for my 3ds xl 4.2.0-9U for RxTools. I was not using the new nightly builds, I believe I was using RxTools 2.4. I originally installed the mset for RxTools by using the internet browser because I do not have a ds flashcart. Today, I tried installing the mset by going to with a rxinstaller.bin file on my sd card. However, I used a rxinstaller.bin file that I found that is for nightly 3.0. I believe that since nightly, a different file is loaded to launch RxTools (code.bin I believe). Does anyone have the file to launch 2.4 RxTools and the website to go to? Thanks!