1. DSharp

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    Dec 19, 2018
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    Hey Everyone,

    I bought a hacked switch running 10.2.0, both the latest Atmosphere and the latest SX Pro beta and dongle. I have 2 SD cards in FAT32. one of them is 256GB that came with it with all the software he had on it untouched. It boots into SX Pro fine and works great. When I booted atmosphere it gets to the end and errors out. I figured it just needs an update so I formatted my new card and downloaded bare bones SXOS and ATM setups but now every time I try to boot either one I get an error. I can get in and out of RCM mode fine since it's on autoboot. I tried two other SD cards and none of them will boot not even into Hetake. I put the other one back in that came with it and it boots fine. Trying to load any CFW on any SD other than the one that came with it will not boot. I am of course hesitant to wipe this card and have a non functioning Switch. Any idea what is on this card that it seems to need to boot? Maybe I'm not fully grasping all the concepts here either.

    Booting into Hetake 5.3.3 using the original SD card and looking under emuMMC there are two SD partitions and one file based one. Why it's set up like this I have no idea. I was just going to restore from NAND but then I realized that the backup he has on external HDD he gave me is missing the boot0 and boot1. He believes this is version 6.1.0 before he set auto RCM but not positive. I looked around and read another thread from this site about determining the NAND backup firmware version using a Python tool someone wrote but I wasn't able to install a rather obscure version of Python it needed to run on my Win10 box. He also has two other backups on here that are full but the time stamps are a year apart so who knows what version it is or if that's even accurate. He took two full backups but that was after he modded it. If I don't care about bans or playing online, can I restore it to stock using this latter NAND? I think it's like version 8.xx.

    Here's what I'd like to do. I'd like to have OFW, SXOS and ATM with Hetake and one emuMMC partition. Why do people make multiple emuNANDs? Is it possible to copy all firmware files to the Switches internal disk and launch payloads and store all my homebrew there? That would be amazing since I could just update files on the Switches memory but never have to mess with the SD card other than for game storage and backups. Is this possible?

    I apologize for the complicated explanation. Thank you for your time.

  2. Draxzelex

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    Aug 6, 2017
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    People make multiple emuMMC so they could use one for going online and the other for homebrew offline. I don't know what you mean by "firmware files" but all CFW files have to be on the SD card.
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