Help with FBI on sysNand

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    Ok so I was trying to install FBI on my sysNand on my N3ds XL but after it dumped it the Health and Safety app is just gone, I really need to install GBA cias to my sysNand and I don't know any other way to do it.
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    I remember somebody said HS inject only work on more updated FW.
    The lowest I know it's work is 10.3.
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    You need to have signatures patched to be able to see the injected version. You're probably using a CFW with menuhax right? You'll have to either find a way to have signatures patched in sysNAND (eg Pasta) or just install a9lh (second option is easiest as there is a straightforward guide that's guaranteed to work i.e. - first option requires a lot of research and knowledge on your part to find something that is safe)

    Edit: thought of something easier for you. Get another SD card with just the homebrew stuff on it plus the files for your CFW. Boot up and launch it with the homebrew launcher (using browserhax or SoundHax for instance). You'll be in sig patched sysNAND now since there's no emuNAND
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