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    Aug 16, 2008
    Hey hey people. I am not new but not been around here discussing in the PS3 area.

    I would want to ask some help with extracting DLC content from legit PSN source. This is because I own two PS3 systems, and currently to use a certain game's DLC I have legit (and is not out "there" to be obtainable if you know what I mean). I would like to keep having the DLC content on my modded system while getting my activation back to my other system so I would like to extract it into an installable PKG or something.

    I know of basic RIF/RAF things though I forgot somewhat those tools. My question could be just how I actually did RIF/RAF easily again. But beyond that; I seen loads of packages around online where the PKG is all you need so they bypassed the need to activate the content completely. This would be much nicer given rif/raf hactivated content has sometimes failed on me once or twice so I would go for the extra ease of not having to deal with that.

    Well I just did RIF extraction/RAP creation thing myself so whatever. Still interested in RIF free solutions but whatevs.
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