Help with .CSU to .CIA conversion.

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    So, I know how late to the party I am, but I acquired some development software for my 3ds. The included .cia's seem to be bad, both DevMenu and FBI's latest version (2.2.6 as of writing) tells me they're broken, and running them through @d0k3 's Decrypt9 tells me they can't be processed. Now, they also came with .CSU files, which I believe can be converted to .CIA files. Can someone please explain to me how to do this without linking to an outdated guide? Decrypt9 decrypts the .CSU files just fine and [this thread]( seems outdated since it never mentions they can be decrypted.
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    Yes, the guide is indeed outdated (I was the one who wrote that tutorial), as the 3DS to CIA converter 4.1, which can convert such CSUs to CIAs, is not available for download anymore. :/

    If you give me an hour or two, I'll hop onto my PC and whisk it on over to this thread. :)
    EDIT: Here's the link to the program you will want to use to convert the CSUs:!SY1U2ADI!pJuZ8oVxT4cn0swADYLXKsJI9I640rjCd-ruZxXQdSc

    So actually, to be honest, the guide isn't outdated as such because it's probably the only method to convert such CSU files to this day still.
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    Another way is knowing that csu is a minor variant of cci=3ds; I extracted the main cxi, cryptofixed it, edited the exheader to install to SD, and converted with makerom!
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