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    Dec 14, 2011
    Hey there I'm trying to hack a game (it's actually a PSP game but this file format is used often in DS games too I think...).

    Using the official CRI Packed File Maker Ver.1.36.00 availiable on the internet I can open the file but not extract it (newer file format version?)
    I can extract the files using the QuickBMS script but cannot reinsert them with it after modifying (the files I need to replace are compressed, apparantly QuickBMS can't replace compressed files for .cpk's)

    Here's package info;

    CPK Filename:DATA.CPK
    File format version:Ver.7, Rev.0
    Data alignment:2,048
    Content files:10,147
    Compressed files:9,178
    Content file size:1,083,994,272
    Compressed file size:681,955,420 (62.91%)
    Enable Filename info.:True (428,552 bytes) [Sorted]
    Enable ID info.:False
    Tool version:CPKFBSTD1.18.04, DLL2.78.04

    Apparantly you can rebulild .cpk's with the CRI tool but as I don't have the file list which it generates on extraction I can't do so.
    Does someone know of a way?
  2. StorMyu

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    Jan 2, 2010
    contact aluigi, QuickBMS's creator...