Help with Backing up 3ds Games Gateway.

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    Jan 10, 2016
    Hey guys,(sorry my poor english)I need some help.
    I have a New3ds (9.2) and i was trying to backup one of my 3ds games with gateway launcher to extract the header for using with my sky3ds+.
    The thing is,I use the browserhax to get into homebrew menu and launch gateway with no problems.
    Then i go to backup 3ds cartridge and everything works well too (exactly like the tutorials.)
    But after is finished,i put the SD card on the PC and I simply cannot find the room,it is supposed to be in the root i guess but i looked everywhere and no sign of the .3ds file,one detail is that the space free of the sd card decreases everytime i try,(tried 3 times and the space that got filled match the sizes of the 3 rooms) so something is being created on the sd card,but the rooms are nowhere to be found,any ideas of whats happening? i dont have space left to try again and cannot free more space cause i dont find the files to erase,what should i do? i was stupid enough to not backup my sd card and now i have no .3ds room and no space left on my 16g sd card,any help would be apreciated.