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  1. SonicCloud

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    Mar 29, 2016

    Yesterday im having a problem where no matter which file i restore , my ACNL savegame will always crash and restart my console

    Everything started yesterday when JKSV corrupted my save and i tried restoring the save with svdt , svdt is always making my game to crash. It wasn't til i dumped the save again and re-injected and everything seemed fine.

    But today i got the same thing as yesterday and is always crashing , no matter what save app i use, or what garden_plus.dat i use (my game is updated btw). I even tried deleting the save and re-inject and nothing worked.

    Can someone tell me what im doing wrong? I used the ACNL save editor on Alpha 2-4 and Beta 1 and i have no idea why is this happening :c