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Aug 3, 2013
Hello guys, first of all im a brazillian so sorry for my english. So, i bought a used japanese 60GB ps3 from a friend who owns the console for about 5 years and not played any ps3 games, only ps2 titles (monster hunter and dragon quest viii, and yeah she did this), the console works perfectly exept the trophies: in tekken f2p the game says "installing trophy set" and freeze at 100%, in Uncharted Drakes Fortune the trophies not even appears, and in MGS IV the update 2.0 stops on 99% and return a error (dont remember wich one but i wondering that about the trophies). I tried everything, the system restauration to the factory set and the file system analysis, nothing works. The console is up to date, and i tried the sony customer service and they said that dont will help me because the console is japanese and i cant contact the japanese sony because i dont even understand japanese.

So hope u guys help.


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