[HELP]Reinstalling tickets please!

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    Jun 13, 2018
    Korea, South
    I had one Korean New 2DS XL with full cfw and installed games and luma (not done by myself, I had it worked by someone else)

    Today, I tried to change the system language to Japanese using this video guide

    and everything went nicely and I copied every tickets of installed softwares too.

    But when I installed the tickets with FBI, the softwares (like luma and games too) did not appeared on the 3DS home menu, it was the basic system softwares of original 3DS, and the only thing I can do now is entering Homebrew Launcher through 3DS Download Play app.

    I entered Freeshop and all of the games I had before appeared on the installed game list.

    How can I make them appear on Home Menu? I don't know about this part because when I had my 3DS installed cfw, they all set up the folders and everything...

    Please help me!