HELP!!! Non IT geek here (and blond!)

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    Jan 14, 2017
    Good Morning fellow gamers!I need help .. let me explain .... I bought a Wii for my son for Christmas - thought it would be easy enough to just get games of the net .....:evil:
    I have like a gazillion games downloaded (yay :D) in different formats (wad,nes,iso,etc):wtf::wacko: so I started looking for how to play these and finally started "modding" our Wii.:yay::yay::yay:
    BUT being super excited I might have screwed it up ... not even sure - was very much a trial and error process. Downloaded A LOT of things/files/emulators/rar things/backup manager, emulators, etc (you get the picture lol).:shy::shy::shy:

    Did the Bomb thing and loaded cios from watching YouTube - changed 2 files. Loaded homebrew channel (wow I know B-) ) I started doing the bootmii(i think) where the green blocks move across the screen but thought I did wrong so stopped it...... Got a lot of things from wiibrew - including FCE.Ultra.GX.3.3.9. Put it on the homebrew channel and could now play .nes. I had .wad and .iso files initially, so started looking to play those, found the wii backup manager (that I still have no clue as in what to do, why I'm doing it and what the actual purpose of this thing is, etc. Got WBM and wbfs folders everywhere and I'm not sure why :blush:.

    Got the USBLoaderGXr1262 and opened it from homebrew - opens this interface I don't like, can't load anything from there and no clue as to what settings should be. Then I found the website Completesoftmodguide (:bow::bow:) and this forum (:bow::bow::bow::bow:) and after reading some of it realized that there is a bit that I didn't do (boot thing and having the file so you don't brick your wii, etc)

    So .... got the USBLoader_GX_V3_0llinonepackage_IOS249 - installed USB loader channels (!!!!!YAY!!) (still don't know what to do with them though) one works and the other just freezes not sure which one. then got YAWMM_EN to run the .wad for the USBLoader to install the channels.

    So what do I do now. How do I do the bootmi, what are the settings that I should have in the files? I have wad files with games - can I open using YAWMM? I connected to the internet but it says shop channel and network is not available now? Do I need more emulators and what is the general settings? Why do I need the back up manager? How do I get the USB Loader to work correctly so I can install games etc. I also have a USB game controller I used to play games with on my computer - how can I use it to play?

    Then can I not put the games as channels or on the sd slot? my sd is chock n blok full.

    SORRY for the very long post - I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope you can help me!!!!

    Thanks so much!!!!:P:P:P:P:P:P:P
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    wii backup manager is application for computer, which allows you to install .iso and .wbfs files to your hdd.
    .wad's you can install with YAWMM and then look for them in main menu of console.
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    Don't use that. It's the full channel version and isn't updated anymore.