1. kingraa

    OP kingraa Newbie

    Apr 28, 2015
    I have just broke my right shoulder of my 3ds xl and for some strange reason when put back togher the hinge is stuck amd it cant xlose ?!?! Anyway it is a fw 9.2 with emunand rx10.3 I have a 64 gig SD card packed with games installed to it ,question is what can I do ? I have an old small 3ds on fw 4.5 and an r4 and cubic ninja and knowledge of cfw BUT what I was lwondering is can I salvage my games form my xl to use with this 4.5 3ds if I install cfw to it the band will be different presumably alternatively is there a possibility to keep my games if I use a different 3dsxl are they literally linked to my xl emunand or can I just create a new on on a different system and re use them there somehow ? I'm confused please help
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