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  1. pancakeguy

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    Jan 8, 2008
    ummmmmmmmmm yah i just registered here i have looked at all the guides

    i have i question
    is the mod chips still working i heard from some people that the chip will make ur system crash if its detected on the wii
    i got the wii for Christmas and im interested in this and i really want to get it working
    im not exactly rich and i live in rural areas so i really need this

    im looking for sum1 to help me one on one so i can get all the facts straight
    plz only talk to me or post if u have a modded wii and gams do in fact work plz
    i am experience with roms and all the technical stuff i just want background or reassurance mainly from sum1 else
    if u had problems with the chip please tell me
    e-mail me at or
  2. Edwii

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    Nov 8, 2007
    ok this is how the first 2 3 gens of wii chips worked a hem
    all it dose befor the wii fully boots up is modify the code in the reader so that it thinks its reading a normal disk
    the chips basicly are not really even on after its playing.
    2ndly all of the first gen chips are undetectable as of so far, and i dought they will ever be detected.

    as for the d2ckey and the one other chip (i forget its name), they are the new chips made for the only new wiis, prolly like yours cuse you just got it. just have to read about how to find your version your wii is, your serial tells you.

    you will probably get a d2ckey and it as long as the modder is reliable you should have no problems. its just that simple.

    any other questions. ask.