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    Feb 2, 2009
    Hello, I am new to the flash cart community. I wish to know in your oppinions what the best hardware would be for me for playing NDS, GBA, and GBC/GB titles, I have the old "Phat" DS type, and was wondering what type 1/2 carts I should use for these purposes. I do not need additional features such as movie/music playback, I just wish for DS, GBA, GB/GBC ROMs to be able to be played on my DS. It would help if you could also provide valid reasons, places (sites) to buy (I live in Canada) etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Edit: Found a good looking thing called the M3 Real Perfect Bundle, can you please say from your experience positive/negative aspects? Also, gba expansion appears to be for DS Light, do you know if they have them for standard ds?
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    Jan 6, 2009
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    First off, you posted in the wrong forum. 2nd off, it doesn't matter what flash cart you get, the movie/music playback is from homebrews alone. Finally if your going cheap, just get a DSTT with an EZFlash 3in1 for GB/A/C/ support. DSTT is the simplest you can get. If you want to get a nice card that works a lot better (my choice,) you'll get a Cyclods. Also get an ezflash 3in1 for GB/A/C/ support. For sites, use realhotstuff or kickgaming to buy. God, i wish i said TL;DR.