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Nov 12, 2019
United States
Hey all so i expect someone here is familiar with my situation. im sitting in front of my laptop (not the best but enough to get the job done lenovo x 230 12GB Ram)

Im trying to get GTA 4 installed off my disk from launch. strangely the install went without a hitch surprisingly after what i read online.
So i got the disk installed with the icon and everything. Im on version when i launch the game i get 'your administrator is blocking you from running the program' i feel like this is win 10 saying a big FU to secuROM.

I have read in a few places there was a official no CD crack needed to open this game made by Sony but all the links to it are dead(i think i know why)
i have also read the .exe from steam will work if someones willing to upload and PM me. i can even post a a time stamped pic of me holding the disk and code it isnt piracy cant stress that enough. I can also take a pic of my driveless PC
i used a site last week to crack my sims 2 collection that went well but all the exe's i find have strange comments on virus total or flagged straight as malware.

Anyone else got any experience installing this game and getting it to run i should probably also explain im looking to hopefully not get hit with the secuROM AIDS.
that's another reason for the no CD Crack and lastly i'm installing off my laptop to get the files to crack them to play on my PC without a ODD so i appreciate my laptop might not be powerful enough to run it perfectly i just wanna get the files off my disk to my desktop..

Please someone hit me with they're knowledge ;D thanks
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