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    May 27, 2009
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    I'm trying to get xbl on the 360 by using this method but so far I still get the same message "cannot detect hardware". I plugged the ethernet cable from my computer to the box so why isn't this working? I use a wireless network connection and Vista Home Premium. Bought the system new just yesterday. Sorry if this is stupid for asking and thanks in advance.
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    Ok, so let just conform this with you before i say anything.

    So basically the setup is... Wireless Router----> Laptop----> laptop ethernet port---->cable----> to 360

    Right ?

    Well i believe the way to do it is that you must bridge the connection, between the laptop and the 360

    I may be wrong, but is distinctively remember something about bridging.

    Hope it helps .

    Also i recommend just getting a really long cable from your router to the 360 (that's if its possible) i mean it would be just much more simpler.