[Help] Getting sound through a USB sound card

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    I have recently started playing my PS3 on my PC monitor since i have myopia and can't see very well to my tv set. Since i can't afford some glasses atm it's been quite simpler for me to just use it on my PC monitor through HDMI.

    Problem here is: My monitor does not have a sound output. I currently posess a Sweex sc016 external sound card and was wondering if there is any way i can connect the sound cables to it, and then connect my headphones to it as well in order to get sound from the game. If not, does anyone know of a good and cheap adapter that lets me do so?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I was wondering the same thing. My monitor DOES have sound output, however, it's really bad quality. I'm wondering if I can connect my PS3 to something like PC speakers or headphones? My sub-woofer has auxiliary RCA inputs. I can't seem to find anything online that would enable me to connect it to the PS3, though.

    EDIT: I found that it is possible to connect to PC speakers via the regular A/V cable the PS3 comes with, and to turn on Audio Multi-Out in the settings. If your sound card has RCA inputs, you can use this. I haven't tested it myself as I don't have those cables (I don't think I do, anyway), but it should work.

    I tried to connect to my PC's Bluetooth, but it won't "discover" it at all. Even my Bluetooth headphones don't show up.
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